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Royalty free music for fashion stores

Royalty free music for fashion stores
Musik fuer Modegeschaefte

Royalty free music for fashion stores

All royalty free compositions in professional quality: the music pieces are leveled in the volume and convince by their very good sound and vocal qualities.

18 music programs, which can be changed freely in any tariff, ensure individual choice and variety. All programs are guaranteed royalty free.

With the help of our flexible play list tool, a brand-adequate sound branding can be effectively implemented.

To register for the free 30-day test click on the button. In all music flat rate tariffs all 18 music programs are available without restriction. Between the music programs can be switched back and forth at any time. All our music programs are free from outside advertising.


Some examples of our royalty free playlists

Some examples from our royalty free music programs

GEMA-Gebühren einsparen

Und wenn Sie herausfinden möchten, wieviel Geld Sie monatlich mit unserer GEMA-freien Musik einsparen können, dann nutzen Sie einfach unseren Musikkosten-Einspar-Kalkulator.

4. January 2018

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