Royalty free music for casinos

Scope of application” amusement arcades

Cost comparison “licenced music” vs.”royalty free music

The use of royalty free music from MUSIC2BIZ is practical and cost-effective. See for yourself and carry out a calculation with your individual data.

Music Cost Comparison: Use of licenced music vs. savings when using royalty free music

Procurement costs €:

GEMA: License costs €:

Total music costs with GEMA €:

Total MUSIC2BIZ flatrate €:

with the use of royalty free music

Area of application "arcades": Playback of sound carrier in casinos
Source: GEMA Online Tarifrechner

All costs plus applicable VAT.

Basis of calculation:
Tariff "Spotify Soundtrack Business" or acquisition costs for music compilation CDs at an average purchase price of 15 € per compilation. Average total playing time per compilation CD: 1.5 hours.
Proportional acquisition costs for sound carriers (1/10 of the acquisition costs per year), excluding personnel costs for operation

As easy as listening to Internet radio

With any of our music flatrates you can switch between 18 music programs at any time. Similiar to listening to the radio, the music programs of MUSIC2BIZ can be played alternately.

Always the free choice

If different music is to be used for different areas at the same time, a music flat rate is required for each area. The music can then be played on each area independently of the other areas.


Listen to our music now

Of course you can get an impression of the good quality of our music without registration. Just click here and check our music out.

    Your Partner

    for royalty free music
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    Your partner

    for royalty free music
    and sound branding