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Using Sonos loudspeaker systems with MUSIC2BIZ

Configuring Sonos Boxes

Please read this first: #

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How to navigate in this tutorial.

You can navigate directly to the individual sections using the navigation menu on the left. Tutorial contents that you don’t need can easily be skipped. Of course, you can also simply scroll with the mouse and completely go through the tutorial from beginning to end.

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Visit MUSIC2BIZ home page #

2 EN Sonos Visit Homepage

Login to MUSIC2BIZ customer account #

3 EN Sonos Login To Your Customer Account

On the MUSIC2BIZ homepage you will find the menu item “Login” in the upper navigation. Click on this menu item to call up the login page for your customer account.

Login to MUSIC2BIZ customer account #

3 login-to-customer-account

Login to yourMUSIC2BIZ account with your customer credentials.

Music program selection on the start page of the customer account #


The start page of your customer account will open with the program selection buttons.
Click on any program selection button of your choice to open the streaming URL page for that program.

Visit subpage of music program "Bluesy" #


A new page will open with the streaming URLs for the selected music program.
To create a MUSIC2BIZ program as a radio station in the Sonos Controller, copy the “Streaming URL (Direct link to this channel)” of a MUSIC2BIZ program to the clipboard.

Visit the Sonos Support Website #



Visit the Sonos Support page and download the Sonos Controller App for your operating system.

For installation problems, please contact Sonos Support. German Sonos Support oder International Sonos Support

Start the Sonos Controller App #


After successful installation, start the Controller App. The following steps show the procedure for the Windows Desktop Controller App. The procedure for the Apple Mac Desktop Controller App is largely identical.

Sonos Controller App on Windows Desktop #



The Sonos Controller Desktop App Home Page for Windows

CAUTION: The “Add radio station” feature described below is only available in the Sonos Desktop App.

Add a station on Windows #

Add a radio station to Sonos under Windows

Add MUSIC2BIZ music program as radio station #


Sonos App Menu on Apple Mac: Select “Manage” -> “Add radio station…” in the upper main navigation.

Enter the stream URL of the music program #


Sonos on Apple Mac: Paste the URL of your choice from the clipboard.

Save stream URL #


Click OK to save the stream URL.

Click on "Radio of TuneIn" #


Under “Select music source” click on -> “Radio from TuneIn”.

Click on "My radio stations" #


The subpage “Radio from TuneIn” opens. Click on -> “My radio stations”.

MUSIC2BIZ music program "Bluesy" was added as radio station #


The subpage “My radio stations” opens and shows the name of the saved Strema URL “Bluesy”.

Set radio station Bluesy as favorite #


Click the blue arrow and select “Play Now”.
Your Sonos speaker will now start playing the MUSIC2BIZ Bluesy program.

Your Sonos speaker start playing music #


It’s done: Your Sonos loudspeaker system should start playing the MUSIC2BIZ music program you’ve selected.

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