PCI means: security during payment transactions

PCI LogoOur payment service is, of course, PCI-DSS certified.

We pay attention to the highest security standards when paying on the Internet. All payments to us are forwarded and managed by the PCI DSS-certified Novalnet AG. You can check your payment procedures at any time in the Novalnet AG service portal.

Did you find a transfer on your account statement that you can not understand?
Would you like to know more about the debiting of Novalnet AG?
Click on “To Novalnet Service Portal” to log in to the service portal and check your payments to us.

Visit Novalnet Service-Portal.

Please use the email address you used when placing your order with us.
Enter your transaction ID (TID) as your password. You will find your TID on your MUSIC2BIZ invoice or in your MUSIC2BIZ customer account in the invoice table in the “Documents” section.

If you have login problems, please contact the Novalnet-Hotline +49 (0) 89 923068329

PCI-DSS Certification:

Security when paying on the internet means more than just a secure data center!
Novalnet AG has successfully passed the test according to the PCI DSS * (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) organization.

Novalnet AG meets all the security requirements of the PCI-DSS rules:

  • Install, set up and periodically update the firewall to protect data
  • No use of system passwords or other security parameters specified by vendors / manufacturers
  • Protection of the stored data: No unnecessary saving of the transaction and credit card data like eg.
  • Complete data, card number, CVV2, etc.
  • Cardholder data is only transmitted in encrypted form over the public network
  • Use and regular updates of anti-virus programs
  • Development and use of secure systems and applications
  • Assign unique identifiers to all persons with access to a computer system
  • Restriction of sensitive cardholder data by restrictive access rights
  • Continuous review and tracking of access to cardholder data and network resources
  • Continuous monitoring of security systems and processes
  • Continuous monitoring of security systems and processes
  • Corporate Guidelines in Information Security

The PCI-DSS certification has been developed by the credit card industry so that the payment procedures can be safely carried out while adhering to all regulations.

Novalnet AG always carries out the regular recurrent checks by an external service provider.

This confirms in writing that the strict criteria of the PCI-DSS organization are fulfilled by Novalnet AG at all times!

* PCI-DSS (Definition at Wikipedia): The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, usually abbreviated to PCI, is a payment system that deals with the handling of credit card transactions and is supported by all major credit card organizations. Trading companies and service providers who store, transmit, or process credit card transactions must comply with the regulations. If they do not stick to it, they can impose charges, impose restrictions, or ultimately prohibit the acceptance of credit cards.

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