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Music for many industries: 30 music programs included

Over 4,000 hours of royalty-free music / 30 royalty-free music programs – no matter which MUSIC2BIZ rate is ordered

All playlists presented here are demo playlists –  limited to a maximum of 20 minutes playing time.

7 programs
style: dynamic

  1. Dance Music MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 13:56
  2. Dance Vocals Programm MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 18:18
  3. In The Club Programm MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 15:08
  4. Power Fitness Programm MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 8:54
  5. Rock Instrumental Programm MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 12:00
  6. Rock Vocals Programm MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:17
  7. Young Fashion Programm MUSIC2BIZ 8:52

10 programs
style: midtempo

  1. Bluesy MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:38
  2. EasyListening MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 12:00
  3. Fashion Deephause MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 12:10
  4. Fitness MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:49
  5. Ibiza Lounge MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 8:54
  6. Indie Pop MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 9:40
  7. Kid Club MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 9:56
  8. Modern Pop MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:08
  9. Pop for Shopping MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 10:54
  10. Pop Vocals MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 10:32

9 programs
style: chill & slow

  1. Black Smooth MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 13:44
  2. Chillout Lounge MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 15:08
  3. Jazz MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:22
  4. Klassik MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:42
  5. Piano Bar MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 8:08
  6. Restaurant Musik MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 13:52
  7. Smooth Accoustic Pop MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 11:58
  8. Wellness MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 16:08
  9. 60 Beats Per Minute MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Programm 18:18

5 programs
style: seasonal

  1. XMS instrumental MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Program 13:58
  2. XMS vocals MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Program 16:24
  3. XMS Pop Vocals MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Program 13:42
  4. XMS Jazzy Lounge MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Program 16:24
  5. XMS Retail MUSIC2BIZ – Instore Radio Program 15:50

listen to 30 royalty-free music programs – 30 days free of charge

Use royalty-free music (no GEMA/AKM/SUISA) legally for commercial purposes: 80,000 songs, over 4,000 hours of music, create your own playlists yourself.

No risk – can be cancelled at any time within the free trial period.

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Use royalty-free background music commercially: 30 royalty-free music programs are included in all MUSIC2BIZ rates.

Companies can save up to 75% on music costs. Give us a call! We will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation:

+49 / (0) 89 95 47 28 47

Can I also listen to it first without obligation?

Of course you do. You can convince yourself of the good quality of our music for 30 days – free of charge. Register now for a trial subscription. Click here to register.

Is there an offline solution?

Sorry but no, we deliver our music exclusively as live streaming and not as downloads. A stable Internet connection is required to use our services.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We believe in fairness. You can cancel your subscription at the end of each quarter or up to one month before the end of the period in the case of an annual payment method.

Are the first 30 days guaranteed free?

Of course, yes! The 30-day free test is valid once for new customers for a sound reinforcement location with a stream and 22 music programs to choose from.

Commercial use of free music with MUSIC2BIZ: Choose from a variety of royalty free background music

MUSIC2BIZ makes it easier than ever to select the right background music. Simply choose one of our music flatrates, whose prices depend on the sound area. Compile an individual package of different music streams to be able to use our mama-free music commercially.

Let us inspire you: Discover our ready-made playlists for your industry or create your own playlist from over 80,000 different songs from our database.

Use varied royalty free music commercially: Discover the different playlists and channels for your background music

We offer a variety of different music channels and playlists so that you can use our royalty free music commercially without getting bored.

Discover some examples:

  • Wellness – music for pure relaxation
  • Jazz – Take your guests into a new musical world with this playlist
  • Kids Club for the little ones

In addition, you will find music for various industries in our repertoire.
Experience the advantages of MUSIC2BIZ: Commercial use of versatile GM-free music

If you decide to use royalty free background music from MUSIC2BIZ, you can expect a number of convincing advantages. Before you decide on a binding offer, you have the opportunity to test our music programs for 30 days – absolutely free of charge.

That’s not all – Discover further advantages when you rely on MUSIC2BIZ’s royalty free background music:

  • over 4,000 hours of music
  • 80,000 songs in the database
  • available at any time and offline
  • Cost-effective and regularly terminable flat rates

You would like to use our royalty-free music commercially? Then get in touch with us today. Test our flatrates and discover the musical diversity of our playlists. For subsidiary company requirements we also offer a modern instore radio service.

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