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For all: Guaranteed ROYALTY free

MUSIC2BIZ stores the written declaration of the rights holders that their music is licensed free music. In the declaration, the composer of the music is named and it is confirmed in writing that the music is royalty free music.

For smaller businesses: tailor-made

We deliver royalty free background music for every need and occasion. Our music channels offer optimal music mixes for retail, restaurants, hotels, healing professions, for spa facilities, gyms and many more.

For large businesses: scalablility

Our technical infrastructure is designed for scalability and operational security. Only open standards are used, which guarantees flexibility in the integration into existing legacy systems and reduces investment costs on the customer side.

MUSIC2BIZ offers a complete in-store radio service for the cost-effective provision of music, announcements, in-store advertising and optional information services. As an in-store audio provider and instore radio service, MUSIC2BIZ supplies licence-free background music for every need and occasion. The music programmes offer optimal music mixes for hotels, gastronomy, retail and many other industries. The MUSIC2BIZ Instore Radio System is equally suitable for supplying individual locations and large branch networks. Users can save up to 75% of their music costs by using MUSIC2BIZ’s licence-free music streaming. Your advantages at a glance:

Large royalty-free music offer

Subscribers have direct access to over 40 licence-free MUSIC2BIZ programmes.
In addition, subscribers have the option of creating their own individual playlists using the playlist management function integrated into the MUSIC2BIZ customer account.

Advertising and announcements
Users can upload their own commercials and announcements to their customer account and specify exactly when the commercials and content are to be broadcast at which locations. Individual playlists and advertising broadcasts can be designed and controlled specifically for each branch location.

Buy-in playlists
The branch playlists are an addition to our existing range of over 30 standard music programmes. These are a selection of music tracks, each of which we have compiled into playlists for a specific branch. You can add these best-of playlists as an upgrade to your existing tariff.

Reception technology
Our system is based on Internet radio technology. This means that music reception is possible with practically any Internet-capable end device. A proprietary hardware solution is not required, but we recommend and support only the use of Streamit receivers distributed by us, as we are convinced of their reliability due to many years of use.

Recommended hardware solution: Streamit Receiver
The Streamit receivers can be fully integrated into the MUSIC2BIZ system, which allows central administration of any number of devices at any location worldwide.
The streaming audio players are connected directly to the Internet and connected by cable to the hi-fi or ELA system. The receivers guarantee high availability of music through integrated SD memory cards. Users of the Streamit receivers can choose to supply music via live streaming or as a store-and-forward implementation (offline operation during the day and music update at night).

We provide free telephone support (+49 (0) 89 95472847 Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) for system questions and the hardware solutions we sell.

Our extended service offer
Of course, we are also happy to take over the support of the in-store radio programme as a service. You can transfer the following tasks to us in whole or in part.

Playlist design / individualisation of your music offer
Production of commercials incl. conceptual advice
Recording and scheduling of your advertising spots or content elements If you would like to test our system or if you would like us to submit a concrete offer, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Good reasons

We take care that your music plays where you want it. Promised! We help you set up our system, operate and expand your music program with ease.


Your cost advantage

Your cost advantage

No royalty fees: Our standard music channels are 100% royalty free.

Your quality gain

Your quality gain

Harmonische Musik: Unsere Musik wird sorgfältig ausgewählt und vor Übernahme in die Datenbank technisch harmonisiert.

Your time saving

Your time saving

The MUSIC2BIZ system does not require any maintenance from you. We ensure the operation and the timeliness of the music.

Your operation

Your operation

In case an Internet failure occurs, our hardware and software players will automatically switch to offline memory and ensure the music delivery for 2 hours.

Your flexibility

Your flexibility

Your MUSIC2BIZ subscription will adapt to your needs and business scale. You can update or downgrade accordingly.

Your independence.

Your independence.

The MUSIC2BIZ system is based on open standards. Our music service can be used with most standard Internet and HiFi systems.

Your growth

Your growth

The MUSIC2BIZ system architecture can be scaled as desired. The system adapts flexibly to every business and company size.

Our strengths

We are clearly committed to Haitzer’s definition: “Service means seeing the whole business with the eyes of the customer.” / Axel Haitzer

Our service has been developed from the market. Its future and development needs current market and detailed industry knowledge. That is why we take time for our customers and talk to them.

Selecting suitable music for business requires music competence. The individual or the just trendy music taste has a counter-productive effect. Good background music fulfills a purpose, on the other hand it must be of professional quality and remain affordable on the other hand.

Key performance indicators

Royalty free: 100%
Continous operation: 97%
Rate of termination: 5%
Customer satisfaction rate: 88%
Employee acceptance: 85%

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