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The sound reinforcement of business areas with background music by MUSIC2BIZ is possible with many standard Internet PCs and standard HiFi systems available on the market.


Sonos HiFi-Systems

Sonos combines hi-fi sound with absolutely reliable wireless performance. Experience our high-quality background music with a system that combines a warm, round sound with a powerful wireless network that is 100% optimized to stream hi-fi sound.


MUSIC2BIZ Streamit Receiver

The MUSIC2BIZ receiver are connected directly to the internet and connected to the audio system by cable. The Streamit receiver series guarantees high availability of the music via an integrated SD memory card.


Teufel HiFi-Systems

Stream MUSIC2BIZ background music with Raumfeld from Teufel via WLAN to any number of Raumfeld devices instead of connecting a computer or a docking station with your stereo system. The loudspeakers work as a fully-fledged HiFi system.


Guaranteed royalty free

Our music database for royalty free titles is carefully maintained, each individual title is checked for its licence. Only when we have the “royalty free” proof, titles are included in the music database.

Just like listening to the radio

Our service is just as easy to use as listening to internet radio. You do not need expensive hardware or special expertise. If questions occure, our support is available via telephone and email.

Individual Playlists

In addition to using our standard music programs you have the possibility to create your own playlists. This way you can completely customize your music supply without additional costs.


Create your own advertising

You can use our spot tool in your customer account to integrate your own advertising inserts into your music programs. This service is included in every subscription rate at no extra cost.

No external advertising

The MUSIC2BIZ system does not work on a sponsored by ads basis. All music programs are completely free of external ads. Unless you use your own commercials.

Diversity is our concept

Almost 80,000 Gema free titles ensure a varied music mix for your business premises. Your employees will also thank you for our music variety.


Standard Technology

We rely on proven technology standards. This allows you to use our services with easy and cost-effectively. Investments in special hardware usually are not required.

PC – Laptop – Tablet – Router

The use of our music programs is possible with many Internet-enabled devices, whether it is a PC, an audio receiver, a router, a WLAN system, an internet radio, or a mediaplayer on a tablet.

High availability

Due to the use of the MUSIC2BIZ audio player software or our hardware receivers, a secure music supply is guaranteed, even in the case of temporary internet outtages.


MUSIC2BIZ Online Office for subscribers

With the MUSIC2BIZ Online Office, you can control your music programs, create your own playlists and manage the insertion of your own audio ads.

Online administration for branch offices

The music in the individual stores can be managed online, including playlist creation and the adminitration of advertising inserts.

Competent and dedicated support

If you have any technical questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. It can be reached by phone or by email.



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