Background music even far outside – no problem with “Store-and-Forward”!


Integrated solution

The user can manage his music compilation, scheduling of spots and announcements via one single administration interface, no matter whether an online streaming location or a store-and-forward location is being edited.
Music and content can be individually defined for each store, specific location groups and even for events limited in time.

Our solution for locations with limited or no Internet connection: “Music-Content Store-and-Forward”.

  • You have locations without an Internet connection, but would like to provide them with professional background music.
  • You have a VPN that is busy during the day, but still want a professional music supply for your branches.
  • You have one or more locations in your branch structure with poor Internet connection, but would like to provide them with professional music in an integrated system with the other branches.
  • Your Internet connection is not stable or temporarily simply overloaded, but you would like to provide your sales areas with professional music.


Store and Forward sketch

Application possibilities of our system

The MUSIC2BIZ system is a flexible solution where the user can freely decide for each of his locations whether the music supply is connected via streaming or store-forward.

Basic Streamit Audio Receiver with integrated SD card:

  • Offline operation during daytime
  • Content updates (music and advertising) at any tim
  • Administration via your admin area

Professional solutions for chain stores:

  • Complete Store-Forward Infrastructure
  • Combination of Store-Forward and Streaming

Professional solutions for individual locations:

  • Classic store forward with update at night
  • Individual updates for locations without Internet connection

Music management

The management interface is also designed as an integrated solution: Regardless of whether streaming or store-and-forward is used, the user can work with one interface for music compilation, scheduling spots and announcements without having to accept functional restrictions.


The entire system is designed for maximum safety. It can be easily integrated into the firewall concepts of the users. The audio receivers that are used on site are designed in such a way that they cannot be attacked by hackers. The devices cannot serve as a gateway into the customer system.

System availability

MUSIC2BIZ offers a maximum of system availability. By using a redundant server cluster, a guaranteed uptime of 98% availability of the cloud solution is guaranteed 24/7. In combination with the audio receivers on location, an extremely high level of operational stability can be achieved.

Reliable hardware

Proven hardware guarantees high operational reliability. Plug & Play configuration on delivery.


Flexible system

Centrally manage combined solutions of streaming and store-forward online. Including spots, announcements and similar more.

Extensive music program

Professional music supply through access to a music database with about 80.000 Gema free music titles.


Royalty free warranty

MUSIC2BIZ confirms to the customer in writing that all titles used are license-free.

40 licence-free music programmes – 30 days free trial listening.

License-free music (no GEMA/AKM/SUISA) for legal commercial use: 80,000 songs, over 4,000 hours of music, create your own playlists. No risk – can be cancelled at any time within the free trial period.

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