GEMA cost – Scope of application “trade”.

Instore radio: Scope of application “trade”.

Using gema-free music from MUSIC2BIZ is practical and cost-effective. Convince yourself and perform a calculation with your individual data.

Music Cost Savings: Comparison „use of licensed music“ vs. „use of royalty free music".

Instore radio: Scope of application "trade"

GEMA fee €:

Total music costs per year €:

With all MUSIC2BIZ subscriptions the music supply is included. There are no additional costs for music procurement with MUSIC2BIZ.

licence fees and music procurement cost included

MUSIC2BIZ-Flatrate €:

Annual cost savings by using a MUSIC2BIZ flat rate


with the use of royalty free music

All costs plus applicable VAT.
Basis of calculation for music procurement costs:
Spotify Soundtrack Business" tariff or acquisition costs for music compilation CDs at an average purchase price of 15 € per compilation. Average total playing time per compilation CD: 1.5 hours / Proportional acquisition cost for sound carriers (1/10 of the acquisition cost per year), excluding personnel costs for operation.
Scope of application "trade": sound storage medium reproduction for entertainment without event character in retail shops, department stores, department stores, wholesale shops, sales markets and the like, bank counters, bus stop shelters at airports, as well as in sales areas of craft businesses and petrol stations, in recreation rooms for petrol stations, in covered fuel pump terminals and in passenger lifts (ID 581 and 701)
Source: GEMA fee rates M-U For entertainment and dance music with sound recording, status: 01.03.2017 GEMA tariff calculator Online

All data have been researched with great care. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to make mistakes. All GEMA specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact GEMA directly in all GEMA specific questions.

As easy as listening to internet radio

Similar to a radio station, MUSIC2BIZ can only play one music genre at the same time per channel.

If different music is to be used for each of the two areas, a separate channel license is required for each area. In each area the music genre can then be changed independently of the other areas.


Always the free choice

With all subscriptions, all of our 30 music genres can always be freely chosen and changed. With one channel license, all genres are available but for alternate use only; – not for simultaneous use in different areas.

If only one channel license is registered in a customer account, the change of the music program in one area automatically causes the same music change in the other areas connected to the music supply.


Check it out now

You can get an impression of the good quality of our music even without regstration. Just play the disc jockey right now. With a click you can visit our music samples page.

Better test right now. 30 days are free. In your test account, you will also find our tutorials, which will make your first steps easy. You can cancel the trial subscription by e-mail at any time within the first 30 days.

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