Configure Sonos S2 loudspeaker

Please read this first: #

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How to avoid problems with collecting societies.


To avoid problems with your rights management organisation, you should only consider using Sonos speakers if you can ensure and prove that your Sonos system plays only royalty-free music.

We recommend using a closed system that does not support the use of licensed music.
You can set up such a system using our hardware players, for example. You do not need Sonos speakers to do this.

Visit the Sonos Support website #

Sonos download page ENVisit the Sonos download page and download the Sonos Controller App to suit your operating system and speaker generation (S1 or S2).

If you have installation problems, please contact Sonos Support. German Sonos Support or International Sonos Support.

Prerequisite for this tutorial: Your Sonos S2 system is set up and ready to use. #

You can also get help setting up your Sonos system and using our streaming URLs on the Sonos website.

voraussetzung f uuml r dieses tutorial ihr sonos s2 system ist eingerichtet und betriebsbereit 1

Registration for the MUSIC2BIZ customer account #

Log in to your customer account.

ihr music2biz kundenkonto aufrufen 1

Log in to the MUSIC2BIZ customer account #


Loggen Sie sich mit Ihren MUSIC2BIZ Kunden-Zugangsdaten in Ihr Kunden-Konto ein.

Music programme selection in customer account #

The music programme page in the MUSIC2BIZ customer account

The music programme page opens. Here you can see all the programmes that you can play immediately. You can listen directly to all programmes and make your choice.

For example, select “Black Smooth”. Click on the yellow button for your tariff choice. This will open the subpage with the Black Smooth music player.


die musikprogramm seite im music2biz kundenkonto 1

visit the subpage with the music player #

Start the stream by clicking on the white play arrow to hear if you like the music programme.

In the following we assume that you have chosen the Black Smooth stream, switch to the page “Stream URLs”.

der black smooth musikplayer im kundenkonto 1

Visit the "Stream URLs" page #

See the Stream URLs page for all stream URLs you can use.

If you have subscribed to different rates for different sizes of space, use the tabs at the top of the page to first select the rate you want to use for your Sonos sound reinforcement.

If you want to use multiple URLs with Sonos in turn, save all URLs you want to use in your text file. To do this, select the URL(s) you want to save in the Sonos app one at a time, copy the URL to your cache and paste it into the text file. Once all of the URLs are pasted, you should save the text file.


die stream url kopieren und abspeichern 1

Stream selection made and save to text file #

After you’ve made your stream selection and saved it in the text file, go back to your Sonos S2 app.

ihre stream auswahl sichern 1

The Sonos S2 App View (MacOS) #

Sonos offers the ability to store your own stream URLs via TuneIn, for which you will need a free TuneIn account. If you don’t have a TuneIn account, you can register with TuneIn directly from the Sonos app.

To use TuneIn, you must add it as a service to the Sonos app. Click on “Add service” in the right menu.

die sonos s2 app ansicht mac os desktop

Add TuneIn as service #

This opens the list of service providers that can be enabled in the Sonos app.

Scroll down the list until you see TuneIn. Click on TuneIn. A pop-up window opens.

TuneIn Dienst

Login or register with TuneIn #

Log on to TuneIn or register.

das tunein hinzuf uuml gen pop up fenster

Use TuneIn #

TuneIn is set up and can be used

After successful registration you can now register the MUSIC2BIZ stream URLs for the Sonos App using TuneIn.

tunein ist eingerichtet und kann verwendet werden

Select TuneIn as music source #

You have added TuneIn to your music sources in the Sonos app

Now you can add the MUSIC2BIZ programmes to your TuneIn account.

sie haben tunein ihren musikquellen in der sonos app hinzugef uuml gt

the "Music sources" view #

Select TuneIn as music source

In the “Music Sources” view, click on “TuneIn” and in the subpage that opens, click on “My Radio Stations”.

tunein als musikquelle ausw auml hlen

MUSIC2BIZ-Stream-Urls as radio station #

MUSIC2BIZ stream urls as Sonos radio station

Here you can save the MUSIC2BIZ stream urls as radio stations.

meine radiosender

Save stream URL as radio station #

Saving a MUSIC2BIZ stream URL as a radio station

In the pop-up window, insert one of the stream URLs saved in your text file and give the stream a suitable station name. Click OK to save the new station. For each MUSIC2BIZ stream URL that you want to use as a radio station on Sonos, you will need to repeat this process once.

eine music2biz stream url als radiosender abspeichern 1

"Black Smooth" is saved #

Your new radio station “Black Smooth

Your radio station “Black Smooth” has been saved and can now be accessed at any time in the “My radio stations” section. You can also mark your radio stations as favourites.

ihr neuer radiosender black smooth

Marking radio stations as favourites #

Your Sonos favourites

Under “Select Music Source” => “Sonos Favourites” you will find your radio stations marked as favourites.

sonos favoriten

"Black Smooth" as favourite #

Your station favourites Example

Here you can now see the MUSIC2BIZ programme “Black Smooth” which is marked as a favourite

ihr neuer radiosender black smooth

Graduate of the MUSIC2BIZ Tutorial College #

Congratulations: You are now an official graduate of the MUSIC2BIZ Tutorial College.


geschafft 1 1

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