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Instore music streaming:

As easy as the use of good old internet radio.

As an in-store audio specialist we serve many industries throughout Europe. We provide a complete in-store radio service as a network based instore radio solution. This way we ensure a cost-effective supply of music, announcements, in-store advertising and optional infotainment services. All services are centrally manageable online.

With our wide range of programs, we offer suitable, freely usable music for retailers, hotels, restaurants, wellness facilities, fitness studios and many other industries. With MUSIC2BIZ’s royalty-free music streams, companies can save up to 75% on their music costs.

Axis’ network-based audio systems complete our radio streaming perfectly. All Axis audio hardware installations will be realized directly by competent Axis partners.

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Axis Hardware-Solutions – Use the advantages of a strong partnership to your advantage!

Axis spotlight-audio-systems

Axis offers complete network audio systems including speakers, microphone consoles, audio bridges, and audio management software. We provide network audio systems for background music and announcements, public address and security purposes.

The Axis Networkspeaker-System is an all-in-one speaker system connected via a single network cable. It is immediately ready for use and offers high sound quality even without fine tuning. The Axis Audio Player is a pre-installed application that allows you to play back background music. An integrated SD memory card or audio streaming service lets you create your own playlists with a schedule. The Networkspeaker-System is also ideal for announcements (planned or live messages). Thanks to the integrated audio synchronization technology, the speaker ranges can be matched to each other.

Sound from any source

The Axis Network Audio Bridge is a smart and easy solution that connects and combine analog and network audio systems. You’ll be able to play music from analog sources in your Axis network audio system. With the Axis Network Audio Bridge, you can connect analog audio sources to Axis network speakers. So you can play music from cell phones, tablets, computers, or a professional music streaming box, for example. On the other hand, you can also connect any digital source to your analog speaker system. That means you can take advantage of the Axis Audio Player application to schedule playlists with music and voice and play prerecorded announcements. Or you can make unscheduled announcements via your VoIP system. And you can use smart zoning to send the right music and announcement to the right speakers at the right time. Check out our Axis User Tutorial

The company Axis

Axis Logo

Axis was founded in 1984 and is the market leader in network video. Our vision is to increase the security of millions of people worldwide and helping to meet the growing need for a smarter, safer world. With the help of 90,000 partners, spanning 179 countries, we’ve delivered a series of groundbreaking products and many industry firsts where network audio systems is one of many examples. In conjunction with the smart and easy to use network-based audio systems of our partner Axis no extra hardware is needed, no need for a streaming box, no need for central electronic equipment.

Our instore audio system works to your advantage!

MUSIC2BIZ customers can save up to 55% of their music costs by using our royalty free music content. The music programs we offer are optimal music mixes for the hotel, gastronomy and local trade. The music supply can be managed centrally via a web application.


Create your own advertising

You can use our spot tool in your customer account to integrate your own advertising inserts into your music programs. This service is included in every subscription rate at no extra cost.

No external advertising

The MUSIC2BIZ system does not work on a sponsored by ads basis. All music programs are completely free of external ads. Unless you use your own commercials.

Diversity is our concept

Almost 80,000 Gema free titles ensure a varied music mix for your business premises. Your employees will also thank you for our music variety.


MUSIC2BIZ Online Office for subscribers

With the MUSIC2BIZ Online Office, you can control your music programs, create your own playlists and manage the insertion of your own audio ads.

Online administration for branch offices

The music in the individual stores can be managed online, including playlist creation and the adminitration of advertising inserts.

Competent and dedicated support

If you have any technical questions or problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. It can be reached by phone or by email.



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