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How To Use The Customer Account – Tutorial

Usage of the Customer Account EN

Read this guide. #

Titel page Customer Account En

Visit the MUSIC2BIZ Homepage #

Navigation to the customer account | Click on “Login” in the top navigation bar.


Music2biz Homepage

Click on the menu sub-item "Customer login". #

A new page opens.


Registration On The Home Page

Log in with your customer access data #

Enter your MUSIC2BIZ customer access data.


Login Page To The Music2biz Customer Account

The account navigation on the home page of your customer account #

After successful login, the start page of your customer account opens.

Customer Account Home Page

With the upper navigation menu you can visit the different areas of the customer account.

These are the 11 navigation points:
1) Start: The start page, this is the page shown here, which you are currently viewing as a screenshot.
2) Profile: Here you enter or update your customer data.
3) Subscriptions: Here you manage the number of your subscribed music flatrates.
4) Invoices: Here you can download your invoices as PDF files
5) Playlists: By creating your own playlists, you can design your MUSIC2BIZ program even more individually.
6) Spots: With this function you can upload your own advertising spots and plan and play them to the minute.
7) Settings: During the trial period, you can cancel your trial subscription here at any time by clicking on the button.
8) Download the player: The free MUSIC2BIZ Software.Player stores 2 hours of music in case the internet should fail.
9) Language selection for the customer account: German or English
10) User name for the customer account
11) Click on a music program button. A subpage for selecting a music program will open.

Select a music program #

The direct links to the respective music programs can be stored in Internet radio stations as radio stations.
In the backend for Sonos speakers, these MUSIC2BIZ streaming URLs can also be stored as separate radio stations.

Unterseite Zur Auswahl Eines Musik Programms Beispiel Bluesy

Music selection for hardware players via streaming URL #

The direct links to the respective music programs can also be saved as radio stations for the streaming hardware players.

Die Music2biz Playlisten Und Radioprogramme

On the profile page you can view and update your data #

Customer Account Profile Page

Overview of current subscriptions #

Auf dieser Seite können Sie die Anzahl der von Ihnen abonnierten Musik-Flatrates verwalten. Sie können Musik-Flatrates abbestellen oder weitere Flatrates hinzubestellen. So wie es Ihr Bedarf erfordert.

customer subscriptions overview

Archive page for your invoices and GEMA certificates #

Invoice and certificate archive: On this page you can download your invoices and your GEMA / AKM / SUISA exemption declaration as a PDF file.

Invoices And Certificates

On this page you can create and manage your playlists #

Our online tool “Playlists” allows you to create your own music programs free of charge based on our extensive music library. In this way, you can create very special music programs for individual business areas or for different locations or simply for different times of the day. In addition, you can upload your own commercials and integrate them into your playlists (see also the navigation point “Spots”).

playlist management

You can upload your own commercials on this page #

You can quickly and easily upload your own advertising spots to your customer account using our “Spots” tool.
You can also use our spot tool to plan the insertion of your spots to the minute.

Upload Your Own Commercials To Your Customer Account

Here you can create the schedule for your advertising #

You can plan the broadcast times of your own commercials to the minute here.

Plan The Broadcasting Times Of Your Own Commercials

Activate and deactivate your spots in the commercial archive #

Your uploaded advertising spots are made available to you as an archive. You can activate and deactivate your spots as you wish.

customer docs archive

You can cancel your subscription within the trial period with a button click #

During the free trial period you can cancel your subscription at any time by simply clicking on the Cancel button.
After the free trial period has expired, you can only cancel your subscription by email or post.

Customer Account Settings

Download the free player #

The MUSIC2BIZ App is free for customers. It is available as desktop version or as mobile player. The app can be downloaded from the customer account or from the App Stores of Apple (IOS) and Google (Android).

Download Audio Player

Die Auswahl der Playlisten im Player konfigurieren #

You can select which music programs are displayed in the player app via “Channels” using the slide switch: Hidden channels = HIDDEN / playable channels = VISIBLE

Customer Account Music Program Settings

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