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100% royalty free music - officially confirmed.

Our licence warranty

MUSIC2BIZ guarantees to its customers, that all music titels are royalty free. All the titles have been checked, and written confirmations have been provided by all music suppliers (musicians / producers).

GEMA stampIf you have any questions from rights management societies, you can refer them directly to us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need help.

As a MUSIC2BIZ subscriber you can download the royalty free declaration in your subscriber account.

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Licence certification

The MUSIC2BIZ confirmation of royalty free music

What are GEMA, SUISA, AKM? – MUSIC2BIZ provides information on collecting societies and royalty-free music.

For many musicians, collecting societies such as GEMA (Germany), SUISA (Switzerland) and AKM (Austria) take all legal steps to protect the copyright of their works. However, collecting societies such as GEMA, AKM and SUISA only represent the copyrights of their members. However, musicians do not have to be members of these organisations. They can also grant the licence for their works themselves and charge a licence fee for this themselves. The music is then described as licence- or SUISA-, AKM- or GEMA-free. In this sense, royalty-free music can be obtained from streaming services such as MUSIC2BIZ. Such subscriptions have the advantage that subscribers can significantly reduce their music costs through fee savings.

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