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MUSIC2BIZ – Royalty free music flatrates for businesses

“Good mood at the Christmas market.”
Music belongs to it!



Great royalty free music as background music for commercial spaces

Companies can save up to 75% on music costs.

Give us a call! We are happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation: +49 / (0) 89 95 47 28 47

Good – affordable – royaltyfree

Quality does not have to be expensive. Our fees are fair and inexpensive – and the music tracks are all royalty free.

Easy to use

The supply of background music for your public areas with our free music – is as easy as listening to internet radio.

Always up to date

High-quality background music for your sales location. Constantly new compositions. Many artists.

More than half a year of music without repetitions

All music programs are completely ad-free. If desired, you can air your own commercials.

Compositions in the database

Free music programs

%royalty free

days availability

18 royalty free music programs, which can be chosen freely in any tariff. Register now and listen to our music programs 30 days for free.

30 days free

You do value added value?


We do, too!

Good decision – royalty free music:


High quality music programs

We offer high-quality music programs for sales and public areas.


Professional soundfiles

All soundfiles for our music channels are technically optimized and stored in high quality in the database.


Online music management

Through your personal customer account, you can manage your music online for all playlists.


Your own advertising

You can upload your own commercials and manage them online for all of your stores.
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You are interested in background music, but do not want to sign up yet.

Why not register for our free MUSIC2BIZ News. Registration is quick and easy and does not hurt either. Promised. You receive information from us from time to time – not more often than 1 per semester – and can test our services free of charge whenever you wish.

Keep in touch.

Make guests stay longer
and spend more.


Royalty free music programs

You will get access to one of the most comprehensive music databases for high-quality music for the sound reinforcement of your business premises.

Licenced music we offer as well

Do you need licenced music? We also offer licenced music. Well, but anyway anyone can.

Free software player

For your operating security you can download and use our software player for free. The player will play your music program without interruption for two hours without an Internet connection.

Your customer account

You can easily manage hundreds of music streams online via your MUSIC2BIZ customer account. You can manage different areas or different outlets from one account.

Plug&Play Hardware – optional

Our hardware-based solution for your music management works out of the box.

No risk

You remain flexible. All our services can be used and tested for 30 days free of charge. Cancellation during the trial period is possible at any time. Our payment service is, of course, PCI-DSS certified.

Playlists for everyone

Select your music program or compose your own playlists individually. Have special music for differnet times of the day, for specific business areas or for events.

Low costs

From 9.90 EUR per month, our extensive music program is available around the clock.

Fair rates

Our prices depend on the number of channels used at the same time and the size of the sound field for which a channel is used. Even with a single channel, there are 18 music programs available.

Your Cost Advantage

Your Cost Advantage

With our royalty free music programs you can save significant amounts of money depending on the size of sound space you want to use our music for.

Continuous Operation

Continuous Operation

Powerful servers, sophisticated software and state of the art hardware solutions guarantee high availability of our services.

Your Target Group

Your Target Group

Our extensive music library allows the creation of target group-specific music programs.

Your Hotline

Your Hotline

If you have any questions or problems, please call us
+49 / (0)89 / 95 47 28 47 or write an email to
info at music2biz
you also can reach us directly via our website Website.

Just a thought

    Background music for business premises: Increase your business

    Background music for the retail trade should not be underestimated – it has a positive effect on your business. If you choose inappropriate music, the effect can of course also go in the other direction.

    We advise against using well known songs, as they draw your customers’ attention to the music rather than your products. When it comes to background music for business premises, you should rather rely on light, inconspicuous music that creates a positive feeling and relaxation in your customers. Sport, on the other hand, should be done with motivating, fast music.

    Add background music for business premises with our practical instore radio: Use the enclosed audio system to provide better sound reinforcement for the sales areas.

    Your varied background music for business premises: discover our music channels and be inspired by our versatile playlists. If you are interested, please use our contact form to get more information.

    Your partner

    for royalty free music
    and sound branding