Royalty free music for business premises – subscription based.

Great compositions for hotels, restaurants, shops, commercial chains, furniture suppliers… our services are conveniently supplied as radio streams via internet. Register now and get your 30 days free trial. You will have full access to our high-quality, cost-efficient, easy-to-use music subscription service.


You want to play background music in your business place, your practice, your restaurant or your hotel? We offer a variety of different music channels suitable for every point of sale and royalty-free, cost-effective annual subscription starting at € 9.90 plus VAT.

Background music is an efficiant marketing tool at the point of sale.

We offer companies of all sizes and from all industries royalty free background music for the acoustic irradiation of premises and places of sale. We stream high-quality, hand-picked music over the Internet directly to the vendor. With our music, you create a pleasant atmosphere. Your customers will appreciate.

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The use of MUSIC2BIZ background music is as easy as listening to Internet radio.
No special hardware is required. You even can use a loudspeaker system connected via WLAN with your PC. Additional cost savings by the exclusive use royalty-free music. With our music streams you don´t have to pay royalty fees. You can test our service risk free for 30 days.

Cheap prices due to the use of technical standards and high automation.
Quality is a must: We work with music producers from around the world who specialize in high-quality background music.

Background music for your specific needs.
On request, we of course can customize your sound streams to the style and kind of your business premises.

Different music programs. Exclusive top compositions of independent artists individually tailored to your target audience. The music is streamed directly from our powerful servers on your Internet PC. Our well selected background music makes waiting more pleasant, enriches the shopping experience of your customers.
Choose from our subscriptions the one that best suits your business. MUSIC2BIZ is as simple as listening to the radio. The music selection is varied and diverse, the sound quality is of CD-level. The MUSIC2BIZ compositions of independent artists create a very personal atmosphere. And the cost is minimal.

MUSIC2BIZ – Ambient Sounds That Sell - Duesseldorf - Dienstleister

Simple to use
A standard hi-fi-system connected with a computer with internet access is all you need.

Great Sounds
Ambient sounds for acoustic irradiation of commercial or public spaces.

Positive Atmosphere
High-quality background music for the POS. Constantly new compositions. Many artists.

Optimal solutions for acoustic irradiation for many industries

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