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Tabular price overview

area sizeup to 250 sqmup to 5oo sqmup to 1.000 sqmup to 2.500 sqmup to 5.000 sqm
monthly fee€ 9,90€ 16,90€ 22,90€ 29,90€ 44,90

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Example calculation A: One area is sounded uniformly – no differentiation of music programms for  partial areas is in place.

For example: for a sales area of 700 sqm one unique music program should be provided.

For this just one music stream is required, that´s why the calculation of the monthly fee needs to take into account only the size of the area for the fee calculation.

The monthly fee for Scenario A is € 22.90 since the size of the listener´s area is about 750 sqm that´s why the Silver fee level applies.

  • For the 700 sqm area € 22.90 – (silver rate)
  • No further listener´s area in addition

Total fee, monthly: € 22.90

Example calculation B: A public area is divided in different listenr´s areas for the purpose of musical differentiation different music programms are proviced in these areas

For example, a hotel wants to provide a unique music program for the 200 m2 bar area and another different music program for its 500 sqm spa area.

This requires several streams of music, so the calculation of the monthly fee takes into account the size + the number of music streams needed for the fee calculation.

In this example, the monthly fee corresponds to the sum of the two area charges

  • For the 200 sqm bar area € 9.90 – (starter fee applies)
  • For the 500 sqm wellness area € 16.90 – (bronze fee applies)

Total fee, monthly: € 26.80

The monthly fee is calculated based on the number of the area (s) to be supplied independently with music and by the size in sqm. All prices for our annual subscriptions apply to annual prepayment and are exclusive of 19% VAT. *Pricing for area sizes >5.000 sqm on request The 30-day free trial offer is a one-time trial for new customers valid for one single location with one stream and 40 music programs to choose from included.
Note: To prevent misuse, a registration for the 30 day test is possible only with the provision of valid credit card data. You do not take any risk. Your credit card will be debited at the earliest after 30 days and only if you do not opt out for a subscription. Before expiration of the test period, you can cancel the subscription at any time by e-mail or by simply clicking on a “cancel subscription button” in your customer account.

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