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Tutorial: Installing and Using the MUSIC2BIZ Audio Player

Tutorial: Installing and Using the MUSIC2BIZ Audio Player

The MUSIC2BIZ Audio Player

Read this first #

How to navigate in this tutorial.

You can navigate directly to the individual sections using the navigation menu on the left. Tutorial contents that you don’t need can easily be skipped. Of course, you can also simply scroll with the mouse and completely go through the tutorial from beginning to end.

Click on the # signs next to the section headings to get the direct link to the respective section. You can archive this link for later reuse or forward it by email to employees or colleagues.


How to download and install the Player #

Der MUSIC2BIZ Software Player

The MUSIC2BIZ Player app is available for download in your customer account for all common operating systems.

The software player is available as a desktop version for Windows, Apple OS and Linux. Mobile Player Apps are available for IOS (also in the Apple App Store) and for Android Smartphones and Tablets (also in the Google Play Store).


Visit home page #

1 music2biz-home-page

Log in to customer account #

2 visit-customer-login-page

Enter customer Email and Password #

3 login-to-customer-account

Navigate in customer account #

4 customer-account-start-page

Download from the customer account #

5 downloadpage-for-player-app

Download from the Apple App Store #

MUSIC2BIZ Player im Apple App Store

Download from the Android Play Store #

MUSIC2BIZ Player im Android Play Store

Installing the Player App #

Player Files

Installing the MUSIC2BIZ Desktop Player

After you have downloaded the desktop player for your operating system from your MUSIC2BIZ customer account, install it as usual. If you have any questions about the installation, please contact the customer support for your operating system or your specialist retailer.

Note for apple users:

macOS includes a technology called “Gatekeeper” to ensure that only trusted software runs on the Mac. To install the MUSIC2BIZ player, you must allow macOS to install our music player.

This Apple Support page shows you how to securely install apps on your Mac. If you are having trouble installing the app, please contact Apple Support.

Starting the Player #

6 player-app-startpage-en

Player Login "Unknown User #

7 player-login-unknown-user

Player Registration

In order to successfully register the player with the MUSIC2BIZ system, you must use your customer credentials (email and password) with which you are registered with MUSIC2BIZ. This is the only way the system can identify you as a MUSIC2BIZ subscriber.

Player Login Music2biz User #

8 player-login-customer-credentials

Player Subscription Activation #

9 player-app-subscriptions-page

The Player Subscription Activation

This page displays the stream packages you have subscribed to. If you have subscribed to more than one stream, you must specify which stream the player should reserve for itself. If you want to use the player with this stream reservation each time, simply check the box “Use this pack on next startup”.

Player starts streaming #


Your player is set up

The player starts the music playback after a short loading time of the stream you selected by mouse click.

Using the MUSIC2BIZ Player #

Apple devices with M2B Player

Congratulations! You made it.

If you followed the tutorial successfully up to this final picture, you should play royalty free background music in the meantime. Enjoy the music.

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