The Axis Audio Player

The AXIS Audio Player Software

The AXIS Audio Player is an audio application for playing background music and announcements in stores.

The software comes pre-installed on Axis network speakers and has everything you need to schedule playlists with music and announcements. The player is perfect for playing the gema-free MUSIC2BIZ music streams.

Play our music with Axis

Designed for 24/7-operation, AXIS Audio Player plays background music from offline or online sources. You can play your music from an SD card placed on one of the speakers in the speaker system, or from online streams. Make your own playlists on the speaker and listen to the beats of your choice all day long!

Some sample playlists with royalty-free music mixes for many industries can be found here.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:”Playing MUSIC2BIZ royalty-free music streams with Axis speakers“.

1 music streaming axis audio player

Record and play back announcements

You would like to inform your customers about opening hours and current offers. Then simply record your information as announcements. Recorded announcements can be played back easily with AXIS Audio Player.

2 announcement streaming axis audio player

Conveniently plan music and announcements in advance

Compile your music and announcements lists for the whole week ahead. In this way, you can inform your customers about current offers and create a good atmosphere and more sales with suitable music. AXIS Audio Player makes it easy.

3 planning music streaming axis audio player

Visit the Axis Music Player download page

Visit download page

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