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Our royalty free music programs

High-quality background music – for every industry and every place of sale.

Through our range of programs, we offer optimal sound solutions for many branches: retail, hotel industry, gastronomy, healing professions and for service providers such as hairdressers, nail studios, wellness facilities, fitness studios and many more.

The playlists feature in your customer account further expands the possibilities of variation in our music programs: you can create your own playlists in your customer account and thus easily create your own music program according to your individual preferences.

Use our music samples on this page to get a first impression. How to: Move the mouse over one of the golden boxes and then start the player for the music program of your choice with just one click.

I want to use my own music mixes.

To create individual music mixes from our program portfolio, you can use the playlists feature in your customer account. You will also find our tutorials, which explain the first steps.

Can I listen to it without obligation?

Of course. You can convince yourself for 30 days of the good quality of our music – free of charge. Sign up for the trial subscription now. Click here to register.

I do not have internet connection available anywhere. What now?

In such cases, we deliver USB sticks, from which our royalty free music can be played. For the use of USB Sticks we charge an additional fee to cover our additional outlay.

If I have more or even less public space with background music?

You can always adjust our rates to your current needs. Just let us know by email, and we will set up your entrances accordingly. During the trial period you can even cancel your trial with a click of a button.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

We believe in fairness. You may terminate a subscription at the end of each quarter, or in the case of an annual payment, up to one month before the end of the period.

Are the first 30 days guaranteed free of charge?

Of course yes! The 30-day free trial is a one-time trial for new customers for a single location with one stream and 22 music programs to choose from included.

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