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  • Free trial for 30 days
  • The 30-day free trial offer is a one-time trial valid for new customers.
  • It covers one single location with one stream and 22 music programs to choose from included.
  • High-quality background music for businesses
  • Create a positive atmosphere for your customers
  • Individual music channels streamed via internet
  • As simple as listening to the radio
  • Guaranteed royalty free
  • Easy to use – plug & play


Our Payment Service Provider is PCI-DSS certified.

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Safety is our top priority – for that reason the entire credit card payments will be done according to the PCI DSS guidelines.

All payments to us are handled by the PCI DSS certified Novalnet AG. You can control your payments to us at any time via the Service-Portal of Novalnet AG. Learn more about PCI-DSS certification.


The MUSIC2BIZ AUDIO Player is a compact standalone client application that allows you to play MUSIC2BIZ standard programs and playlists.

The player offers the following functions:

  • Authorization with individual subscriber access codes.
  • Playing music programs, playlists and own commercials
  • Uninterrupted playback of music by buffering the music content: Bandwidth fluctuations or the failure of the Internet connection are compensated.

Now also available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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