Royalty-free Christmas music

Royalty free Christmas music

Christmas music for restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping centres and many more. 5 royalty-free Xmas playlists are already included in every MUSIC2BIZ subscription

The days are getting shorter and in the shops gingerbread and dominos are tempting: Soon it will be time for Christmas shopping! For organisers of Christmas events, the final spurt for the final preparations begins. If you want to score points in the coming weeks, you have to plan carefully, including the right music.

Christmas music, with its familiar sounds, creates a pleasant feeling that can be both relaxing and stimulating. However, anyone who regularly attends the Christmas market knows that there are strict requirements by the GEMA with regard to music. In order to avoid annoying costs, many organisers therefore rely specifically on gema-free Christmas music for the Christmas event.

Gema free music for the Christmas market: That’s why it’s worth it

Studies show again and again: Background music can have a significant influence on our mood and with the right sounds it is possible to make shopping more lively and relaxed. Music reaches people directly and arouses emotions – this can be observed in the case of Christmas music every year.

The cosy, joyful mood created by classics such as “Silent Night Holy Night” or “Oh you cheerful” is an integral part of the Christmas market. With royalty-free Christmas music, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of seasonal music for yourself – without any annoying GEMA fees.

What exactly is royalty-free Christmas music?

Maefree” is the term used to describe music that is no longer protected by copyright. If this is the case, the Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte (GEMA) does not charge any fees for use or performance. When it comes to quality, there is no need to make any concessions when it comes to gema-free Christmas music. It is professionally produced music that corresponds to current listening habits and has been recorded by experienced musicians.
How high are GEMA fees at the Christmas market?
The amount of GEMA fees depends on the type of event you are planning. In order to get an exact overview of the costs, you can use the GEMA tariff calculator. There is a special tariff for Christmas market operators. According to this tariff, costs of 81.55 euros per 500 square metres are incurred per market day for Christmas market areas.
Why are royalty-free Christmas carols ideal for the Christmas market?
No matter where music is played or performed: If the songs are protected by copyright, GEMA charges fees. In order to save the costs incurred, organisers and operators like to use royalty-free Christmas music. Saving money and creating the right atmosphere at the same time: this is exactly why royalty-free Christmas carols are ideal for the Christmas market.

Gemafreie Weihnachtsmusik für Weihnachtsmärkte bestellen.

Gemafreie Weihnachtsmusik für Weihnachtsmärkte gibt es bei uns auf Anfrage. Speziell für Ihren Weihnachtsmarkt stellen wir Ihnen den passenden weihnachtlichen Musik-Mix zusammen. Fordern Sie ein unverbindliches Angebot an. Mit diesem Link rufen Sie unser Weihnachtsmarkt-Kontaktformular auf.

GEMA-Gebühren einsparen – nicht nur zur Weihnachtszeit.

Und wenn Sie herausfinden möchten, wieviel Geld Sie jeden Monat das ganze Jahr über mit unserer GEMA-freien Musik einsparen können, dann nutzen Sie einfach unseren Musikkosten-Einspar-Kalkulator.

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