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The Retail Radio Solution For Chain Stores

Central online administration of background music and advertising inserts for many locations.

The MUSIC2BIZ Retail Radio App is the reliable online solution for companies that want to operate a store radio service for their retail space. The user-friendly administrative back end covers all the features that a modern retail radio application requires. The MUSIC2BIZ- system is based on Internet radio technology. For receiving the radio program a normal ELA-system can be used or a variety of commercially available internet enabled devices together with a hi-fi system.

Customize your retail radio program
The MUSIC2BIZ Playlist Tool allows you to create your own online radio program. You can also use the MUSIC2BIZ standard radio programs to create your own store radio program. We provide the music and the tools to do so. All described system functions are included in any fee model: A monthly fee per local store is calculated.

Plan your own retail radio commercials
The placement of commercials and the integration of news / weather reports and the like is also possible with the aid of the MUSIC2BIZ system. You upload your own commercial spots as mp3 files into your online customer account. Then you determine in the online advertising planning calendar, when the spots and / or info-contents are to be transmitted.

Scalable server infrastructure enables global streaming.

The Instore Radio Web application is build with user-friendlyness in mind. The learning curve up to an independent dealing with the system is hardly worth mentioning.

The operational security was consistently implemented in the system: by means of a scalable server infrastructure and the corresponding software architecture.

The MUSIC2BIZ Instore radio software allows to schedule and manage music content, infotainment streams such as news broadcasts or weather forecasts. With this fuctionality you are able to create a unique instore radio service for your local buyers.

Investments on the customer side are not required when using the standard tools. Customer-specific system adjustments are offered and billed according to cost.

Maintenance, system update, system backup are performed by MUSIC2BIZ. These services do not incur additional costs for the customer.

Thanks to the use of well-established industry standards, the in-store radio system can be safely and effortlessly integrated into existing networks. Whether it is a regional, national or global radio program – it can be managed online centrally.

Administration of in-store radio programs for any number of local stores:
Your personal MUSIC2BIZ radio account.

The radio program control panel

The selection of the music programs, the creation of playlists and the planning and insertion of advertising spots can be managed centrally online for all local stores. The Instore Radio Program can be set up regionally, nationally and globally.

Professional audio branding for your company

Our 18 standard music programs are more than just a basic supply of program sources. They offer so much variety that even a simple switch from one program to another is enough to change the atmosphere of business areas noticeably.

The effect of the ambience of rooms can be varied subtly by the change of the music program. In this way the ambience of rooms can be matched to a particular audience or adapted to the time of the day. The design of special playlists allows for an even more extensive individualization of the soundscapes from premises to a professional audio branding of business areas.

We will show you how to create individual playlists in a our tutorials.

The planning of radio advertising inserts.

With the “Advertising Planning” tool in your online backend, you can create a minute-to-the-minute planning for your own advertising spots. You can upload your advertising spots as mp3 files online directly into your customer account.

A structured transmission planning with targeted sales goals can be easily implemented by yourself using the in-house radio system. The minute-accurate transmission scheduling allows synchronization of in-store advertising with external print, radio and TV advertising. In the online advertising planning calendar, the transmission dates are fixed in minutes. You can define when the spots or info content is aired to which location, the calendar view gives a clear overview. Advertising planning can be customized for each local store. Regional or national characteristics can be considered. Distinctive integrations of infotainment streams such as news broadcasts or weather forecasts are possible.

Additional cost savings through the use of royalty free music content.

Your advertising spot archive is located in your customer account.

With the advertising spot management, you can keep track of your advertising spots.

You can upload new spots, delete unneeded spot files and edit the descriptions of the uploaded advertising spots.

The MUSIC2BIZ streaming hardware solution – cost-effective and reliable.

The Instore Radio program is received online via a Streamit audio receiver. This streaming solution is similar in function to SAT receivers. This hardware solution allows the playback of the in-house radio without Internet computers. The audio receivers are connected directly to the Internet and connected to the audio system by cable.

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