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Entspannungsmusik – relaxation music

GEMA-free relaxation music by MUSIC2BIZ powered by Arnd Stein. Ideal for fitness centres, hotels with wellness offers, sauna facilities and recreation centres

During his practical work as a psychotherapist, Dr. Stein has been developing, testing and publishing a special relaxing music since the early 1980s. Since then, the original titles have proved to be particularly effective relaxation aids in numerous areas of life. MUSIC2BIZ offers this music and many other high-quality relaxing compositions as music streams for direct reception. Ideal for wellness providers.

GEMA-free compositions for relaxation and well-being, the harmonious tuning of melody, sound and natural sounds as well as the natural rhythm of 60 beats per minute have an extremely beneficial effect on the entire physical and mental well-being.

Soft sounds, soothing compositions, music pieces with beats in the heartbeat rhythm

Music for wellness areas must meet certain requirements to be effective. Wellness and meditation music work because of their very special composition. The neuropsychologist and brain researcher Lutz Jäncke explains how and why:”When we are exposed to such regular, calm, predictable stimuli over a long period of time, our brain calms down and, to some extent, vibrates into a mode in which we deal with ourselves and, as it were, deeply relax.”. The effect is similar to that of praying the rosary or reciting a mantra.

Each title has its own unique character and influences the physical and mental state of mind in its own way. Relaxing, modern arrangements with rhythmic elements, newly interpreted classical themes as well as polyphonic compositions invite you to soothing musical fantasy trips.

The relaxing effect of the compositions derives above all from their unique focus on psychological aspects of music: It should represent a harmonious, harmonious whole and, due to its dramaturgy, create a very cautious inner state of rest. Based on this basic pattern, the Arnd Stein soundtracks invite you to take a fantasy walk that gradually leads you “into the depths”. The listener can follow his thoughts or inner images and dream completely relaxed – or just let himself drift on the soft waves of sounds.

With MUSIC2BIZ you receive your personal wellness radio programme.

MUSIC2BIZ offers you unique relaxation music and selected meditation music for your wellness areas. The music is received as Internet radio streaming directly online. The purchase of CDs is not required. A download is also not necessary.

Relaxation Music – royalty-free Wellness Music Streams by MUSIC2BIZ

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What is the difference between relaxation music and meditation music?

Relaxation or wellness music is music that is primarily intended to release tensions and create a relaxed state of body, mind and soul. Wellnessmusik is a musical composition which, as a quiet sound production in the background of the consciousness, unfolds a calming feel-good effect. Relaxation music is used in many areas in which a relaxation effect is to be achieved, e. g. in massage treatments, wellness treatments, in thermal baths and sauna facilities, wellness music is also enjoyed with pleasure.

Meditation music, on the other hand, is more than pure relaxation music, because meditation does not always have exclusively relaxation as its intention. Therefore, meditation music includes relaxing music for passive meditation, but also covers a dynamic musical style such as drumming or other lively music that supports active meditation.

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