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Background music influences the selection of healthy and unhealthy foods in the store.

In the food trade there are many factors that are decisive for success. Not only the product range and the way in which food is presented are important, but also the background noise. Time and again, studies have been conducted on the influence of music and background noise on the buying behaviour of customers in food retailing. We have taken a closer look at a current copy of these studies for today’s article.

Under the title “Sounds like a healthy retail atmospheric strategy: Effects of ambient music and background noise on food sales”, Dipayan Biswas, Kaisa Lund and Courney Szocs published a study in April 2018 on how noise and music affect buying behaviour in food retailing.

This is how background music affects food sales: The study results at a glance

The authors begin with a very comprehensive overview of the research to date on background music. For this reason alone, we recommend this study to anyone who wants to find out more about the subject.

The study itself is very extensive. Basically, it contains a pilot study as well as 4 further studies, some of which are divided into individual sub-studies. We have compiled the most important results for you:

Pilot study: The effect of the volume of background music on relaxation and excitement
Blood pressure measurements have shown that the volume of background music (in this case classical music) affects the pulse. Louder music (70 dB) increased the pulse rate.
Study 1: Field study on the effect of background music on buying behaviour in a café
On two randomly chosen days, the same mixed playlist was played in a café, once loudly and once quietly. Throughout the day, food sales were also documented. The result: If the music was louder, more unhealthy food was bought (chocolate drinks, greasy food). If the music was quieter, more healthy foods (salads, low-carb alternatives) were chosen.
Study 2: Review of the results under changed conditions
Two further laboratory studies were carried out to verify the results obtained so far. Here, too, the influence of background music on the selection of food was evident. Particularly exciting: The choice of participants was the same without background music as with loud music. The results were also consistent when the music genre changed.
Study 3: The influence of relaxation vs. background music
The assumption was obvious that the healthier choice of food is related to the relaxation that quiet background music provides. In Study 3, the relationship between music and relaxation should therefore be examined more closely. Test persons were consciously put into a relaxed state for this purpose. Here it was shown that consciously induced relaxation always has a positive effect on the choice of healthy foods, but is not a prerequisite for quiet background music having the same effect. The same applies to background noise, which was also investigated here.
Study 4: Field study in the supermarket – is there the same effect here?
In fact, it could also be shown in the supermarket that more shoppers chose unhealthy foods when background music was loud, while quiet background music motivated more people to choose healthy foods.

The basic result of the study can therefore be summarised as follows: Loud background music (and/or background noises) make shoppers and guests more likely to choose unhealthy foods. Quiet background music (and/or background noises), on the other hand, encourage healthy food choices.

The right background music for your offer: How to use the study results

What does the study entitled “Sounds like a healthy retail atmospheric strategy: Effects of ambient music and background noise on food sales” mean for food retailers?

You can use the volume of background music to influence what customers buy.
With the right volume, you can ensure that customers are more aware of what you have to offer.
You can reduce background noise to promote the sale of healthier foods.
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