Our hardware partner Streamit

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Our hardware partner Streamit




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Streamit our partner for professional instore audio players for your business space.

As a hardware partner Streamit provides reliable hardware solutions for receiving the Instore Music service of MUSIC2BIZ.

Streamit is a Dutch company that has specialized in audio and video streaming since 2003. The Lisa audio players were developed by Streamit itself. The devices can be used in streaming as well as in store-and-forward mode. In Store-and-Forward mode they can also be used in locations with limited or no internet connection.

A 1.5 MB buffer is integrated in the Lisa Player, so even if the Internet fails, the Lisa Player will continue to play!

The standard option of installing an SD card allows local playlist playback – this eliminates the need for a continuous online connection, and new playlists can be updated after opening hours. The Lisa Players can be managed via an online device portal.


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Features at a glance:

  • State of the art technology for professional Internet audio players
  • versatile
  • local manual control directly on the device: switching between streams
  • Application areas: Retail shops, chain stores, restaurants, bars, etc.
  • Configuration of the device is possible directly on the device

  • excellent streaming reliability due to large audio buffer
  • Storage and forwarding via integrated SD card memory
  • automatic reconnection after power failure
  • Remote configuration, monitoring and software update online possible
  • Advanced Task Scheduler

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