Fair terms of payment

Fair terms – information about contract binding and termination

The subscription period is 12 months.

A subscription may be terminated

  • in case of quarterly payment 1 month before the end of the quarter
  • in case of annual payment 1 month before the end of the 12 month period

in writing by post or by email.

All prices are valid for payments made annually in advance and are subject to 19% value-added tax. For quarterly payments in advance, we charge an administrative cost of 1 € per channel license.

Note: To prevent misuse, a registration for the 30 day test is possible only with the provision of valid credit card data. You do not take any risk. Your credit card will be debited at the earliest after 30 days and only if you opt for a subscription. Before expiration of the test period, you can cancel the subscription at any time by e-mail or by simply clicking on a “cancel subscription button” in your customer account.

Payment security is the top priority.


PCI Logo

Our payment service is, of course, PCI-DSS certified.
All payments to us are forwarded and managed by the PCI DSS-certified Novalnet AG. You can check your payment procedures at any time in the Novalnet AG service portal. Go to Novalnet AG servcice portal.

I want to create my own music mixes.

To create individual music mixes from our program portfolio, you can use the playlists function in your customer account. You will also find there our tutorials, which explain the first steps.

Can I listen to it without obligation?

Of course, you can also get an impression of the good quality of our music immediately and without registration. Klick here to visit our samples page.

I do not have internet connection available anywhere. What now?

On request, we deliver USB sticks, on which collections of our music are stored. For this we charge a surcharge of an administration fee.

If I have more or less size of listener´s areas?

You can always adjust your subscription to your current needs. Just let us know by email, and we will set up your fee accordingly.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

We believe in fairness. You can cancel your subscription payed quarterly in advance at the end of each quarter. A subscription payed yearly in advance can be canceld one month before the end of the yearly subscription period.

Are the first 30 days guaranteed free of charge?

But yes! We keep word. The first 30 days are free. You can use and test all of our services within this time period without restriction. Promised is promised. You can cancel the trial subscription by e-mail at any time within the first 30 days.


Just a thought

    Your partner

    for royalty free music
    and sound branding


    Your partner

    for royalty free music
    and sound branding