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Engling.IT takes care of the planning, procurement and installation of store technology.

As an installation partner of MUSIC2BIZ, we support customers in integrating the MUSIC2BIZ Instore Music service into existing infrastructures.

If you do not yet have a sound reinforcement infrastructure or if you need to renew or expand your technology, Engling.IT GmbH will be happy to help you find the optimal solution for you.

In addition to high-quality onsite services and nationwide rollouts, you can also rely on Engling.IT when it comes to store technology, e.g. planning an ELA (electrical public address system).

Engling.IT is your one-stop shop for planning and installation services, guaranteeing you a tailor-made solution for your needs.

  • Engling.IT takes over the cabling
  • supplies the hardware for the sound system
  • and of course takes over their assembly

Even after installation Engling.IT is your partner. For repair and maintenance you can always contact Engling.IT.

Individual warranty packages and individual maintenance contracts are also available upon request.


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Engling.IT makes sure that your background music sounding is efficient and effective.

To do this, very specific requirements must be met. Because background music is not just any music that plays in the background. Background music should have an effect, and this rather subconsciously. It should not push itself into the consciousness. It must not distract or even disturb the audience. Background music should therefore only be played at low volume.

The central challenge for sound reinforcement solutions is to achieve the most uniform sound level possible throughout the room. Large volume fluctuations disturb the desired subconscious effect of the music on customers and guests.

It is precisely because the music is intended to work subconsciously and is played quietly that it is important to create a pleasant sound image. For this purpose, bass, midrange and treble must be reproduced in a particularly balanced way.

How can these demands on sound reinforcement technology be implemented?

  1. Wall or ceiling sounding?

    As soon as the room exceeds certain dimensions, there is no alternative to ceiling sounding. Speakers on the side walls automatically lead to a significant volume drop in the center of the room.

  2. Pay attention to the beam angle

    Another central point is the beam angle of the speakers. Accoustic supply of background music requires loudspeakers with a wide and uniform radiation angle to avoid loudness fluctuations in the room.

  3. Make the right music selection

    The music to be used should have a uniform volume level and should have the lowest possible volume fluctuations (dynamics) within the music selection.

  4. Profitability is not a secondary issue

    The solution must meet the noted specific requirements and stay affordable. In addition to the acquisition costs, the follow-up costs, ie reliability, are of enormous importance. An in-store radio solution for branch offices should be easy to use, robust in continuous operation and affordable to purchase.

  5. Planning is already half the solution

    As a specialist for music for acoustic irradiation, we can not only provide the right music, but also support you in the planning and realization of professional acoustic supply solutions. Our focus is to achieve the best effect of the music in order to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

    We are not hardware vendors and we are not tied to manufacturers. We support you in selecting and installing the right components – knowledgeable and neutral.

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