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License-free music content for digital signage solutions

MUSIC2BIZ is also music content provider for digital signage providers

Features of Digital Signage

Digital signage is the networked, digitalized use of flat screens as an information and advertising platform. In principle, a digital signage system consists of one or more servers that provide digital content and the computers (clients) that retrieve the content. The retrieving computers operate the individual screens on site – usually plasma or LCD screens. Transmission paths can be cable, mobile and satellite networks.

Content Delivery

On the side of production and supply of content, computer networks can be used which process content at different locations and feed the content from these locations. As a music content supplier, MUSIC2BIZ offers its partners a flexible music streaming system. The content delivery by the MUSIC2BIZ music system can be integrated into the digital signage network via online streaming or as part of a store-and-forward solution.

Application Areas of Digital Signage

Sales promotion, image advertising and information services are areas in which DS has already successfully established itself. In addition, digital signage can also create atmospheric effects and positively influence the shop atmosphere. This functionality is likely to gain in importance, since an attractive store atmosphere is a critical factor for success in the time of experience shopping. Needless to say, music plays an equally critical role.

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Digital signage enables digital communication with employees and customers. Companies that make use of these communication media can address their employees and customers in a more targeted manner and retain them more effectively. Digital signage is versatile and flexible at the POS.

With the high-quality display technology available today, companies from a wide variety of industries are offered a wide range of possibilities for digital communication. Animated information posters, interactive shop solutions, individualised visitor greetings via digital signage terminals are just a few examples, but the possibilities are far from being exhaustive.

If you would like to use Digital Signage for your company, please contact us. As a music content provider, we work closely with digital signage specialists.

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Digital POS communication

Applications in local trade

  • Loyalty applications
  • Video terminals
  • Product configurators
  • in-store navigation
  • social media applications

For financial service providers

Applications in bank branches

  • Schufa Information Terminal
  • Consulting terminal in the self-service area
  • Call systems
  • Digital door signs
  • Multi-touch table

You are not sure if royalty-free music is the right thing for your digital signage project? You want to be advised without obligation? Just get in touch with us!

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Digital Signage sales 2013 to 2017 DACH Region

gesamt (Displays, Integrators, Software, DOOH, Media Player, Other)

Sales share 2013 666 Mio. €: 12,13%
Sales share 2014 762 Mio. €: 13,88%
Sales share 2015 920 Mio. €: 16,75%
Sales share 2016 1117 Mio. €: 20,34%
Sales share 2017 1453 Mio. €: 26,46%

Turnover with digital signage in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (2013-2017): Turnover in million EURO per year / cumulated 5.5 billion EURO


MUSIC2BIZ Digital Signage Anbieter Services

Royalty free music streams

Over 4,000 hours of royalty-free music. Extensive and varied music assortment. All common genres.

You choose: Live streaming or store and forward

The MUSIC2BIZ system is a flexible solution where the user can freely decide for each of his locations whether the music supply is connected via streaming or store-forward.

Online Playlist Tool

Create individual playlists for each of your digital signage projects. Manage all playlists for all clients centrally via our online backend.

Plan advertising online

The user can upload own commercials and announcements via MP3 file into his administration backend. The scheduling of spots and announcements can be defined individually for each branch, certain location groups and even for time-limited events via this administration interface.

Include breaking news

Increase the attractiveness of your digital signage installation by displaying the latest news. The latest news from politics, business, sports and society are fed live by MUSIC2BIZ.

Present weather news

Weather information for work, leisure and travel. News about the weather arouses interest. Use this effect for your digital signage installation.

Stock exchange up to date

Address the purchasing power and investment-affine buyer base. Integrate stock exchange news, analyses, comments and stock exchange short reports into your digital signage installation.

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