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Sound solution for stores

Example of a sound solution with music streaming for cafes or smaller restaurants

Everything from a single source: good, payable and the music – of course royalty free. From concept through installation to regular operation.

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Professional sound solutions for various applications.

For smaller cafes or restaurants, a simple and cost-effective music supply system for playing background music and making announcements is often enough.

Bars, clubs and restaurants, on the other hand, often require a full-fledged sound system, which not only provides a reliable background music service, but can also be used at events. In addition to voice announcements and background sounding, the performance of the system must also be sufficient for louder music, e.g. for smaller dance floors.

Hotels, fitness centers, sports and leisure facilities require a flexibly configurable public address system for public spaces with different functional areas, such as a lobby, restaurant, dance floor or wellness facility.

Sports and recreation facilities require music supply solutions which must meet special requirements. The spectrum ranges from a multi-hall solution to the multifunctional arena for events of all kinds. Complex planning tasks have to be successfully fulfilled to realize such systems.

Our ELA partners are experienced in planning and implementing customized sound solutions for different usage concepts.

These details should be considered when planning for your requirements:

  • How many microphones are needed? Are radio microphones needed?
  • Should the microphones record voice or vocals?
  • Should the PA system only play background music or be suitable for live events?
  • Is music streaming provided over the Internet?
  • Can an existing network be used?
  • Should devices be connected via WLAN?
  • How many CD players / MP3 players etc. are integrated?
  • Is a jukebox function required?
  • What is the size of the sound field to be supplied?
  • How many surfaces should be differently irradiated?
  • Which usage variants of the areas should be taken into account in the sound conception?
  • Which installation and mounting positions for loudspeakers are possible?
  • Should WLAN speakers be used?

These and further questions need to be clarified before installation. This saves you unnecessary expenses and ensures that the sound solution is suitable for your requirements.

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