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Royalty free music for local shops

Royalty free music for local shops
Musik für Filialbetriebe

Some examples of our royalty free playlists for local shops

  1. Pop for Living MUSIC2BIZ
  1. Business Lounge MUSIC2BIZ 14:04
  1. Modern Accoustic MUSIC2BIZ 9:46

Some examples from our royalty free music programs for supermarkets

  1. EasyListening MUSIC2BIZ 12:00
  1. Chillout MUSIC2BIZ 15:08
  1. Modern Pop MUSIC2BIZ 11:08

To register for the free 30-day test click on the button. In all music flat rate tariffs all 30 music programs are available without restriction. Between the music programs can be switched back and forth at any time. All our music programs are free from outside advertising.


Royalty free music for local shoe shop chains

All compositions in professional quality: the music pieces are leveled in the volume and convince by their very good sound and vocal qualities.

30 music programs, which can be changed freely in any tariff, ensure individual choice and variety. All programs are guaranteed royalty free.

With the help of our flexible play list tool, a brand-adequate sound branding can be effectively implemented.

Find out: How much you can save on your license fees!

And if you want to find out how much money you can save on our royalty free music every month, simply use our music cost savings calculator.

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