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Royalty free Christmas music

Royalty free Christmas music
Weihnachtsmusik Playlisten

Christmas music for public spaces

Christmas music for restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping malls and many more.

All music is guaranteed GEMA free. Use our comfortable playlist tool and create your own individual Christmas playlist. We have a large selection of Christmas music in our music database for you to choose from. Get creative and mix Christmas carols and matching music from other genres from our extensive music library to an atmospheric Christmas potpourri.



Christmas music for Christmas markets – on request.

Royalty free Christmas music for Christmas markets is available on request. We put together the right Christmas music mix especially for your Christmas market.

Request a non-binding offer. Use this link to access our Christmas Market contact form.


On request: Music for Christmas markets PL1

On request: Music for Christmas markets PL2

Save music licence fees – not only during Christmas time.

And if you want to find out how much money you can save every month all year round with our GEMA-free music, just use our Music Cost Savings Calculator.