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Background music for sales areas

Background music for sales areas
Hintergrundmusik für Verkaufsflächen

Background music for sales areas

For local shops background music is an important marketing tool.

The results of studies show that both the tempo as well as the tone gender of the background music influence the turnover. Slow background music leads to a higher turnover than fast music, slow music in minor even better than slow music in major. The differences in turnover are up to 5%, but vary over the various departments. Apparently, customers can calm down through slow music in minor. Through the pleasant atmosphere “they turn back a gear”, linger unconsciously longer in the shop and make more purchases.

With MUSIC2BIZ you will find carefully selected music compositions for your business areas.

Make your choice: 18 music programs between which you can switch freely in any tariff, provide a sufficient variety.

Good music in professional quality: All compositions are technically equalized in the volume and convince by their excellent sound and vocal qualities.

To register for the free 30-day test click on the button. In all music flat rate tariffs all 18 music programs are available without restriction. Between the music programs can be switched back and forth at any time. All our music programs are free from outside advertising.


Some examples of our royalty free playlists for sales areas

Some examples from our royalty free music programs

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