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Background music for fitness center and sport areas

Background music for fitness center and sport areas
Musik fuer Fitness Center

Some examples of our royalty free playlists for your workout

  1. Rockmusik MUSIC2BIZ 11:58
  1. Fitness Musik MUSIC2BIZ 11:49
  1. Workout Groove MUSIC2BIZ 8:02

Some examples from our royalty free music programs

  1. Modern Pop MUSIC2BIZ 11:08
  1. Dance Vocals MUSIC2BIZ 8:56
  1. Rock Vocals MUSIC2BIZ 11:17

To register for the free 30-day test click on the button. In all music flat rate tariffs all 30 music programs are available without restriction. Between the music programs can be switched back and forth at any time. All our music programs are free from outside advertising.


This is how music works in sports – matching music to training

Science has only relatively recently begun to look at the effect of music on the performance of athletes, but researchers can now provide clear evidence: that what we hear when we play sports has an impact on our performance. Music can have both beneficial and detrimental effects. The right music encourages greater performance and allows us to concentrate fully on the movement, while the wrong music distracts and throws us off track.

What factors influence the effect of music in sports?

Tempo: The biggest influence on our performance in sports is the tempo of the music. Studies clearly show that the heart rate of many athletes increases when they listen to faster, more lively music. As speed also increases performance, many top athletes use music to motivate and improve their performance, which means that in areas where customers want to be motivated and perform better, you should use faster music. In the area of endurance and strength training, lively music can encourage higher performance and make the workout more fun. In areas of the studio where relaxation is required (sauna, etc.), slower, quieter sounds are ideal.

Genre: With the music genre, it really depends on the taste of the athlete. Listening to music that you don’t like at all during your workout is distracting and demotivating, and for your gym, you should choose music that as many people as possible like. Serving special genre niches only makes sense if your clientele is oriented towards this niche

Lyrics & mood: All aspects of music influence performance in sports. So lyrics and mood are also important. A thoughtful or even sad song will not spur most people to peak performance. In your gym, you should rely on music that creates a good mood with lyrics and mood. This applies to the endurance and strength training area as well as to the rest area.

Find the right music for the gym and save money

Faster songs for the training area, quiet music for relaxation, positive mood for motivation and genres that appeal to many people: You now know what to look out for when choosing the right music. The next question, of course, is how exactly you put together a suitable music program. Our streaming service offers you the possibility to create an individual playlist for your needs. We offer you high-quality and GEMA-free music that you can use for your gym.

All compositions in professional quality: The music pieces are equalized in volume and convince with their excellent sound and vocal qualities. 30 music programs, between which you can switch freely in each tariff, provide further choices and variety. All programs are guaranteed Gema free. Translated with (free version)

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