Secure Payment Service is a top priority.

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Our payment service is of course PCI DSS certified.

All payments to us are managed by the Novalnet AG. Your payments status you can check using the service portal of Novalnet AG.

  • Have you found a position on your bank statement that you cannot place?
  • Or do you want to know more details about a booking processed by Novalnet AG?

If so, please enter the 17 digit transaction identification number found on your account statement
together with your email address and see details of your booking via our SSL encrypted customer portal.

  • Your login-Name is the email-address you have used to subscribe the MUSIC2BIZ music streams.
  • As you password you must use your transactions-ID (TID) ein. The TID number can be found in your bank statement or on your invoice.

In case of login problems please call the Novalnet-Hotline +49 (0) 89 923068329

The technology behind the services Novalnet is specially designed in-house, allowing flexibility for customers and meets the highest safety standards. PCI DSS Certification. Fully Safe and Secure!Credit card PCI-DSS certification

PCI-DSS Certification:

Security is of utmost priority while surfing on the internet. However, the word security means much more to us than just a secure data center or server. For this reason, Novalnet AG has ensured that its business processes are compliant to the standards of the PCI DSS* Organization (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Novalnet has successfully passed this test, thereby becoming a PCI Certified company.
An overview of security requirements of PCI-DSS rules and regulations

  • Installation, set-up and regular updating of firewall to protect data
  • No use of predetermined system passwords provided by suppliers/producers, and other security parameters
  • Protection of stored data: no unnecessary storage of transaction and credit card details For example: card number, CVV2, etc.
  • Cardholder data is transmitted only in encrypted form over the public network
  • Usage and regular update of anti-virus programs
  • Develop and maintain secure systems and applications
  • Restriction of data access
  • Assign unique user details including password to all persons with access to a computer system
  • Limiting the use of sensitive cardholder data by restrictive access permissions
  • Continuous review and monitoring of access made to cardholder data and network resources
  • Ongoing-monitoring of security systems and processes
  • Company policies on information security

After all, it is about your money! In order to ensure, that the payment processes are compliant to all possible security standards, this particular certification was introduced in the credit card industry. Novalnet AG has successfully passed this detailed and periodic examination through an external service provider. Therefore it can be confirmed in writing that Novalnet meets the strict criteria of the PCI DSS organization!

* PCI-DSS (definition from Wikipedia): The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, commonly abbreviated as PCI is a set of rules, regulations or standards for payments, which refers to processing of credit card transactions and is supported by all major credit card companies.

Store retailers and service providers who save, transmit and process credit card transactions need to be compliant to these standards.

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