The usage of MUSIC2BIZ streaming solutions is as easy as listen to the radio – but more affordable.

backgroundmusic delivery


You can start and control the MUSIC2BIZ service with your browser. This means you can select music channels, start, stop and change them. The MUSIC2BIZ streams can also be cached locally on your computer and managed locally. For this purpose, you need to download and install our free music streaming software on your computer.

Royalty free music for business premises – subscription based. Click here to register for a 30 days free trial. You will have Full access to our high-quality, cost-efficient, easy-to-use music subscription service. We offer a variety of different music channels suitable for every point of sale and royalty-free, cost-effective annual subscription starting at € 9.90 plus VAT.

For the optimal acoustic irradiation of your company premises you can choose from a variety of technical solutions.


Music streaming software player

To play a music stream, start the MUSIC2BIZ player and login with your Short Code-ID. Then select the desired channel or one of your playlists and start streaming music.

High Availability Guaranteed: Through the (optional) use of MUSIC2BIZ desktop streaming software high availability of the streaming music is guaranteed even when an internet connection failure happens.
If you have problems with your Internet connection, the software accesses a two-hour program buffer, which is automatically created by the software and plays the music without interruption from the buffer.
Once the Internet connection is restored, the player switches back to the current music streams and buffers at the same time another 2 hours of music playing time. Get free trial.

  • Easy registration by Short Code-ID
  • Balancing of bandwidth fluctuations
  • High availability through caching
  • Faster and more convenient handling of channels and playlists

iTunes Player for MUSIC2BIZ

Miro Player for MUSIC2BIZ


To play a music stream, you open iTunes, select “File” -> “Open Stream”. An input field will open, simply type in the URL with your custom MUSIC2BIZ streaming code, the music streaming with iTunes can the be started. Download link for Apple iTunes.

Miro Player

To play our streaming music open Miro, select “Sources” and enter the URL with your custom MUSIC2BIZ streaming code into the input box, click “Add Source” and start the music streaming with Miro. Download link for Miro.

Music streaming hardware

Streamit logo trans 220x125

Instore audio player: Lisa LCD Ultimate und Lisa Compact Ultimate

The audio players are similar to satellite receivers and enable the reception of music without a computer. The Streamit players are connected directly to the Internet and connected by cable to the audio system. Lisa series guarantees high availability of music via an integrated SD memory card. The SD card can be supplied at additional cost with several hours of music, so this corresponds to the availability of MUSIC2BIZ desktop streaming software solution.


  • Automatic restart in case of power failure
  • Worldwide used in many thousand stores
  • Remote maintenance: configuration, monitoring, software update
  • High availability of the music by SD memory card

Public sound systems

For customers who require a sound system, we offer various solutions that can be tailored to your individual needs. These are:

  • Surround sound solutions with hi-fi components from Sonos or Teufel
  • Classic sound systems with Teufel components
  • Technical realization of individual solutions through our local service partners

It can be used classical – cable based – systems as well as wireless audio systems.


Audio components of Teufel

Raumfeld – the Wi-Fi Music system with Teufel-fidelity sound
Stream MUSIC2BIZ background music via WLAN to an unlimited number space field devices instead of connecting your stereo system by cable with the speaker system.

Teufel streaming audio set

Teufel offers four fine-tuned and balanced speaker models – for any room of the matching sound. With integrated amplifiers the speakers a replace the amplifier system. The high quality components guarantee sound quality for highest demands.


Audio components – Sonos THE WIRELESS HiFi SYSTEM

What is Sonos?
Sonos is an innovative and stylish audio system. It consists of wireless stereo speakers and audio components.

sonos set horizontal

Sonos is one of the best choices available for wireless playback of MUSIC2BIZ streams.

The Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers all the music on earth, in every room, with warm, full-bodied sound that’s crystal clear at any volume. Sonos can fill your company premises with music by combining HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless in a smart system that is easy to set-up, control and expand.

Sonos System Core Benefits

Sonos combines HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless. Experience our backgroundmusic from the only system that combines warm, full-bodied sound with a powerful wireless network 100% devoted to streaming HiFi sound.

Sonos lets you stream our background music in perfect quality – to any room. Enjoy access to different music sources from one app combined with complete multi-room capabilities so you can listen to our backgroundmusic in every room of your company premises.

Sonos is simple to set-up, control, and expand. Press two buttons and begin your listening experience using one powerful app to access our backgroundmusic with a modular system that can expand to other rooms in your company premises.

Installation by an expert

Our global partner network of installation specialists takes care upon request the complete installation of your sound system.

Professional, cost-effective, reliable.